Friday, December 7, 2012


Location:  INDOOR
Minutes:  5-15
Formation  CIRCLE
Activity Level MEDIUM
Age levels ANY
People 10-60

Instructions:  Divide your players into groups of 5 to 12 members and have your groups sit in a circle.  Pass out the dice and instructions - one per group.  Have one person in the group roll the dice.  The person who rolled the dice then follows the directions on the instruction sheet for the number he or she rolled.  After he or she has finished following the instructions, pass the dice on to the next person in the circle until everyone has had a chance to roll.

Leader's Hints:  You will need to make your instruction sheet up before hand.  We have found you will only need one instruction sheet per group of players. You might want to go over the instruction sheet before you start to play to make sure everyone is on the same page.  Below is an example of an instruction sheet.  This game is also very easily adapted to a theme.
Rock and Roll

1 - Tell your life story - 30 seconds max
2 - Lead your group in singing Twinkle Little Star
3 - Explain to the group why you think Krispy Kreme Donuts are the best donuts ever made
4 - Have six group members ask you random questions
5 - Lead your group in playing Ring Around the Rosy
6 - Tell about your favorite birthday - what age did you turn?  Best gift? Who helped you celebrate?

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