Friday, December 7, 2012


Location:  INDOOR
Minutes:  5-15
Formation  CIRCLE
Activity Level LOW
People 8-20

Instructions:  Divide your players into groups of 4 to 10.  Have each group make their bingo card out of a large sheet of newsprint.  Ask the group to divide their newsprint into 25 squares with their marker.  Once that has been done, they get to write FREE in the center square.  Now each group puts one item that they have on their person at the time or in their purses, backpacks, etc. depending on the setting in each square - they will have 24 different items on their Bingo card.  Each group takes a turn taking one of their items off the board, announcing to the larger group what their item is for example, a library card. If no other group has the same item library card, then that group can REMOVE the item from their board.  If another group has the same item, then the item is placed back on the board and must stay there.  The groups take turns one at a time until one group has Bingo.  Bingo being 5 items in a row removed- across, up and down, or diagonally. 

Leader's Hints:  Tell the members of the groups that you are looking for things like concert tickets generic and not too specific concert ticket to Dave Matthews on July 24th, seat 12 row A.

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