Friday, December 7, 2012


Location:  INDOOR
Minutes:  BELOW 5
Formation  CIRCLE
Activity Level LOW
People 6-10
Supplies NONE

Instructions:  Have the players sit in a circle.  Ask for one person to volunteer to begin.  Each person will tell his or her Lifestory in 15 SECONDS.  When the leader says CHANGE, the person to the left of the first person speaking interrupts and begins telling HIS OR HER lifestory.  Continue around the circle, changing speakers every 15 seconds, until everyone has had an opportunity to share his or her story.

Leader's Hints:  Lots of people find sharing information about themselves intimidating in a group setting.  An extrovert in this game will talk very fast trying to get as much information on the table as possible whereas an introverted person will talk much slower so as to share only a small amount of information with the group.  Part of the fun of this game is the constant interrupting of the person talking and beginning a new person's story.  Invite the groups to find out more about each other's stories later in the program.

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