Friday, December 7, 2012


Location:  INDOOR
Minutes:  15 plus
Formation  LINES
Activity Level MEDIUM
Age levels ANY
People 8 to 16

Instructions: This activity is for 8 people in a group. You need to place the masking tape on the floor so that is looks like this:
I           I           I            I             X             I             I             I              I
You have multiple game boards marked off in your space for more than one group to participate. Have the group stand on a line - 4 on one side group A facing the X and the other 4 on the other end group B facing the X.  Now the group is trying to get each side over to the other side by using the following rules:
You can jump OVER by moving around an opposite team person A can go around B while B stands still.
You can only move forward one spot - no backing up.
You may NOT jump or move around one of your own players A cannot 'jump' over another A member.
Only one player person per tape mark at any given time.
The sides do not have to take turns - they can move more than one member before the other side goes. When the group gets stuck, just have them get back into their original starting places and try again!

Leader's Hints:  If your group get stuck a couple of times you might want to encourage them to do some planning before the start. Just in case here is the Solution.

8   7   6   5   X    4   3   2   1
5 moves to spot X           4 jumps 5 and moves to the empty spot where 5 began
3 moves forward to 4's spot     5 jumps forward one
6 jumps forward one                7 moves forward one
4 jumps forward one                3 jumps forward one
2 jumps forward one                1 moves forward one
5 jumps forward one                6 jumps forward one
7 jumps forward one                8 jumps forward one
4 moves forward one               3 jumps forward one
2 jumps forward one                1 jumps forward one
6 moves forward one               7 jumps forward one
8 jumps forward one                2 moves forward one
1 jumps forward one                8 moves forward one

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