Friday, December 7, 2012


Minutes 5-15
Activity level MEDIUM
Age levels: ANY
People 20-200

Instructions:  Spread several islands sheets of newspaper around the room, start the music, and have the participants walk around the room without stepping on the Islands.  Stop the music, and tell the participants that whenever they hear the music stop, they must go find a sheet of newspaper to stand on participants can share a sheet of newspaper, but they must have at least one foot on the newspaper.  When the music starts again, everyone walks around and the game repeats.  To make the game more challenging, start taking away an island or two every time the music starts back up again.  Make sure you leave enough islands so no one is left out!  But at the same time, part of the fun is having people crowded on fewer and fewer islands.

Leader's Hints:  This game is a great mixer.  Whenever the music stops, you can have everyone on the same island introduce himself or herself and/or name their favorite dessert/activity/state/whatever.  Also, this game works great to put people into small groups.  Just leave the same number of islands out as you want small groups, and everyone will be equally almost divided and ready for the next activity.  This game is also easy to theme; instead of islands you can always have Christmas trees, boats, pumpkins, etc.

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