Thursday, December 6, 2012


Location: Indoors
Minutes 5-15
Formation Circle
Activity level Low
Age levels Any
People 8-200
Supplies NONE

Instructions:  Have everyone form a circle with It standing in the middle.  It walks up to someone and points.  Whomever It points to must say the person's first name to his or her left or right before It finishes saying Bumpety, Bump, Bump. If It completes Bumpety, Bump, Bump first, then It gets to sit down in the place of the person It pointed to.  If the name is said before Bumpety, Bump, Bump is completed, It moves on to someone else in the circle.

For example, It walks around the circle and stops in front of John, points and says, Bumpety, Bump, Bump.  John must call out either person's first name on his left or right before It completes these words.  If John calls out the person's name in time then It moves on around the circle.  If John takes too long or calls out the wrong name, then John becomes It.

Leader's Hints:  We recommend when you first teach this game that you, the leader, be It first.  After giving the instructions, say Bumpety Bump Bump slowly at first, giving the participants plenty of time to say names.  After you have played a couple of practice rounds, speed it up!  If the game becomes too easy, add, Bop.  If It points to John and says Bop, John should not make any sound.  If he makes any sound at all, John is now in the middle.  After everyone understands the game, we recommend having approximately one It for every 15 participants, with everyone playing together in one big circle.

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