Thursday, December 6, 2012



Location – indoor
Minutes 5-15
Formation – circle
Activity Medium
Age Elementary, youth, adult, intergenerational
People 20-200
Supplies: Music

Instructions:  Begin with your group in one large circle.  Ask for 4-20 volunteers this is dependent upon the size of your group to move to the center of the space.  Have the volunteers partner up and place themselves around the circle.  Have the couples join hands to make an arch see picture.  The arches must keep their arms raised until the music stops.  Have the remaining players face counterclockwise; start the music.  The players walk single file under the arches until the music stops.  The arches lower their arms and catch someone in their arch.  Send these people to the middle of the room.  Have each player pair up with another caught player and move to join in the circle.  Continue playing until all members of your group have been caught and now have a partner.  The more arches, the more people you catch!

Leader's Hint:  Great lead-in for partnering up people for dancing or following with other games requiring partners for example, Tunnel Tag or Thumb in the Hole.

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