Friday, December 7, 2012

How To Upload A Video To Youtube

This page guides you through the process of uploading a video to youtube.

1.  Open Youtube by going to

2.  The page will open and look something like this.  Click UPLOAD.

3.  A new page appears...


6.  You must now locate the file you wish to upload.  It may be on a flashdrive.

7.  Highlight the name of the file to be uploaded

8.  Press OPEN

9.  A new window appears and you will see a progress bar as the file is uploaded.

10.  While the file is being uploaded, type in a title for the video.  It might be "Sermon for December 7, 1943 - Matthew 1:1-2"

11.  Type a description, such as "A sermon that will live in infamy."

12.  When the sermon is complete, the screen will appear as follows...

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