Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ah So Point

Ah So Point
Activity level: Low
5-15 minuts
Circle formation
8-20 people
Youth – adult
No supplies

Instructions:  Have the group sit in a circle.  There are three motions with words that the whole group must learn.
Motion #1:  With your hand flat, give yourself a karate chop to the neck just pretend to while saying AH!
Motion #2:  With your hand flat, give yourself a karate chop over top of your head while saying SO!
Motion #3:  With your finger, point to another person in the circle doing so silently.

Starting with one person in the circle, the player begins with the AH motion using either the right or left hand.  Whichever hand he or she uses determines WHO does the SO motion.  For example, if I start and say AH with my right hand then the person immediately to my LEFT will say SO.  This person can use either hand and this again determines who will do the third motion of pointing.  For example, the SO person uses their left hand, therefore sending the game back to the right to my position.  I then point across the circle.  The person who receives the point begins with AH.  Game continues until someone takes too long to respond or uses the wrong motion or says the wrong word.  The person who messes up then removes themselves from the circle and goes to stand behind the circle and becomes a Heckler.  The Hecklers role is to try to distract the remaining participants from concentrating on the game so that he or she then messes up and becomes a Heckler as well.  Effective heckling techniques include yelling the wrong word, telling jokes, singing songs, etc.  The Hecklers may NOT have ANY physical contact with the seated players.

Leader's Hints:  Best to establish the rule that the Hecklers must remain upright and an arms length behind the seated participants.  Hecklers are encouraged to walk around the circle to do their heckling.

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