Monday, June 10, 1991

Sunday Worship - Stewardship Program


This strategy focuses on the commitment invitation and reception during the Sunday service. The focus may extend through several Sundays, culminating in a special service during which commitment cards are completed, returned, and dedicated.. The planning committee’s energy is directed toward promoting large attendance at the worship services.

• Places stewardship commitment in the context of worship.
• Emphasizes the spiritual dimension of commitment.
• Requires comparatively little time or training.
• Is low in cost.
• Can be combined with other approaches.
• Requires little calling.

• May rise or fall on strength of sermon.
• Offers no opportunity for dialogue.
• Does not reach shut-ins, nonresidents, or uncommitted members.
• Reaches only those in attendance.
• Requires much follow-up.
• Offers minimal opportunity for involvement.

Use this campaign when:
• You want to focus stewardship in the context of worship.
• You have a tradition of good attendance at worship.
• Your members are generally familiar and comfortable with the mission and ministry of the church, and you expect no questions.
• Your pastor is comfortable having the primary responsibility for motivating members’ giving and speaking about money in worship.

Do not use this campaign when:
• You need to increase the giving level in the church significantly.
• Your goal necessitates increased giving from all the members of the church.
• Your church situation troubled.
• You have used this method for more than two consecutive years.

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