Monday, June 10, 1991

Direct Mail - Stewardship Ideas

An effective mail appeal depends on a series of carefully written letters sent to every member of the congregation over a period of several weeks. A final letter includes a commitment card to be mailed or brought back to the church. Some of the letters are handwritten and/or personally composed. The program may involve personally calling on those who did not respond.

• Allows for much creativity in writing.
• Requires little time.
• Includes all members.
• Is easy to manage.
• Provides consistency in message communicated.
• Requires little leadership.
• Is nonconfrontational.
• Updates membership rolls.

Use this campaign when:
• Your financial needs are not critical and can be addressed by a low-key approach.
• You can focus your campaign on one issue.
• The program and staff of your church have built confidence, growth, and a sense of achievement into the life of your congregation.
• Your members are already “sold” on what the church is doing.
• You have a year-round stewardship and mission interpretation program in place.
• You are confident that your members will read information that is sent to them

• Lacks face-to-face dialogue.
• Materials being mailed must be top quality.
• Is often ineffective if discontent exists in the congregation.
• Resembles secular appeal for funds.
• Requires an efficient way to receive commitments.
• Follow-up is difficult.

Do not use this campaign when:
• You need an increase in giving of more than ten percent.
• Your congregation is troubled in any way.
• You don’t have the money, time, or talent to do the job right.
• You have successfully used a direct mail campaign for more than two consecutive years.

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