Monday, June 10, 1991

Small Group Meetings - Stewardship Programs


This plan depends on enlisting each member to attend a meeting in another member’s home. At each meeting, a carefully trained team of leaders makes a presentation highlighting the proposed program. Often, the small group meetings are held simultaneously to give them dramatic appeal. Commitments are sometimes received during the meetings, but more often are presented in worship later on.

• Allows for dialogue and discussion.
• Can organize members by geographical areas, interests, or times available.
• Strengthens fellowship.
• Creates high level of interest.
• Allows personal input in program.
• Provides a setting for stewardship education.

• Is time-consuming.
• Needs telephone callers to remind people to attend.
• Requires training of those whose homes will be used for meetings.
• Requires careful organization.
• Does not reach uncommitted people.
• Is difficult for a large congregation.
• Negative voices can dominate.
• Reaches only those who attend the meetings.
• Requires extensive follow-up.

Use this campaign when:
• You want to provide an opportunity for dialogue and stewardship education.
• You have a year-round stewardship and mission interpretation program in place.
• You plan to introduce something new for which you want support or feedback

Do not use this campaign when:
• Your congregation does not have reasonable groupings of households.
• Your goal requires that all members be contacted.
• You have used it successfully for more than two consecutive years.

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