Monday, June 10, 1991

Every Member Visitation - Stewardship Program


Here are a few different stewardship campaigns to consider...


Description: This is a plan to make personal contact with members and friends of the congregation in their homes. It involves training callers to make careful presentations on Christian stewardship, noting dreams and goals. Since each caller or team of callers is expected to make only four or five calls, extensive recruitment and careful training of callers are required. Commitments are received by the caller and dedicated in worship.

• Carefully outlined materials are available.
• Face-to-face discussion allows for questions, answers, interaction.
• Is effective in achieving congregation’s goals over a period of time, allowing for personal growth and acceptance.
• Is good starting point for stewardship education.
• Helps update membership rolls.
• Follow-up is usually included.

• Requires a lot of time, leadership and training.
• Can be difficult to recruit enough visiting stewards.
• Follow-up is difficult to complete.
• Calls are often interpret as nothing more than asking for money.

Use This Campaign When
• You have not done one in your church within the last 3-5 years.
• You have something special to share or request of the congregation in making their commitments.
• You hope for a significant increase in giving (more than 10 percent).
• You sense that there are questions or concerns about the church’s mission or program that may affect the level of giving.

Do Not Use This Campaign When
• You have insufficient time to plan adequately.
• You have insufficient lay leadership willing to work in planning and recruiting.
• You’ve done an every member visitation successfully for more than two consecutive years.
• Your church officers are opposed or reluctant to participate.

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