Monday, June 10, 1991

Congregational Dinner - Stewardship Idea

This is similar to the Consecration Day method except that all of the energies of the congregation are directed toward one dinner. The congregation considers the dinner the big event of the year. An outstanding presentation is prepared, usually involving the top leadership of the church. Commitments are seldom received at the dinner but are usually presented in worship later.

• Can have several dinners to reach more members.
• Requires comparatively little time.
• Everyone hears the same presentation.
• Can make good use of audiovisuals.
• Can be low cost.
• Strengthens fellowship.
• Provides face-to-face contact.
• Can distribute materials easily.

• Does not reach shut-ins, nonresidents, or uncommitted members.
• A large crowd can inhibit sharing.
• Reaches only those in attendance.
• Requires extensive follow-up.

Use this campaign when:
• Your church has a tradition of good attendance at dinners and churchwide events.
• You want to provide an opportunity for fellowship and dialogue among members.
• You have a year-round program of stewardship education and mission interpretation in place.

Do not use this campaign when:
• You do not have space to accommodate 100 percent attendance (folks will realize you don’t expect everyone to come.)
• You expect controversy over some aspect of your program.
• Your goal necessitates reaching every member of your congregation.
• You have used it successfully as your sole strategy for more than two consecutive years.

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