Monday, June 10, 1991

Consecration Sunday - Stewardship Ideas


This program concentrates in a single, 24-hour period when every member of the congregation is expected to participate in a highly-charged worship service and share in a separate consecration period where commitments are received. A victory dinner is held. An outside guest leader is recruited to lead these events. The main energies of the committee are directed toward promoting a very large attendance for Consecration Day.

• Requires little time or training.
• Can distribute materials easily.
• Can be combined with other approaches.
• Allows for a single effective presentation.
• Can use a guest speaker.
• Requires little calling.
• Involves celebration.

Use this campaign when:
• You want to focus on the spiritual dimension of stewardship.
• You have a good guest speaker to highlight the day.
• You have a tradition of good attendance at worship and churchwide events.
• Your members are generally familiar and comfortable with the mission and ministry of the church and you expect relatively few questions or concerns.

• May rise or fall on the strength of sermon or guest leader.
• Offers no opportunity for dialogue.
• Provides minimal opportunity for involvement.
• Does not reach shut-ins, nonresidents, or uncommitted members.
• Reaches only those in attendance.
• May require extensive follow-up.
• Effective guest leaders are difficult to find.

Do not use this campaign when:
• You do not have a good outside speaker available.
• You need to focus specifically on an identified dollar goal or increase.
• Your church believes that a budget must be prepared prior to the annual financial stewardship campaign.

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