Monday, June 10, 1991

Personal Delivery - Stewardship Ideas


This plan is sold commercially under several names. It involves organizing the congregation into several chains of families. The first family is to call on the second and deliver a packet of materials including commitment cards; the second family is to call on the third, and so on until the chain is complete. Area leaders monitor the progress of the packets and keep the process moving. Once signed, the commitment cards are either returned in sealed envelopes to the packet, or they are presented in worship later.

• Cuts down on travel time.
• Requires little training.
• Involves a large number of people.
• Requires little time.
• Is fun, and often stimulates a creative, playful spirit.
• Reaches uncommitted members.

Use this campaign when:
• You do not expect many questions or concerns about the ministry of the church.
• You have a year-round program for stewardship and mission interpretation.
• You are confident that your members read information that is sent to them by the church.

• Can easily encounter delays and breakdowns in delivery system.
• The process can become more important than the objective.
• Is difficult for shut-ins or handicapped persons to participate.
• Needs trained area monitors.
• Encourages little dialogue about the future of the church or the reasons for giving.
• Includes no training for those who carry the packets.
• Provides little opportunity for stewardship education.

Do not use this campaign when:
• You expect controversy about any aspect of the church’s ministry.
• Your goal necessitates personal contact or dialogue among members.
• Your church’s communications all are written.
• You have used it successfully for one year. (This method is often very effective the first year it is used; however, its effectiveness decreases dramatically in subsequent years.)

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