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Using Corel Video Studio Pro to Edit Sermon Videos

For best results, have the computer with the Corel VideoStudio Pro software with you as you read through this tutorial.

Before getting started, insert the DVD with the video.  The computer will probably automatically open and begin to play the video.  Exit out of this - you don't need to view it before starting the editing process. 

 1.  Open the Corel Video Studio Pro.  When it opens, this is the screen that should appear.


2.  Click the tab "1. Capture


3.  The screen will change significantly.   Now click the words "Import from Digital Media"

4.  A pop-up screen will appear.

 5.  Be sure that the right directory appears in the box - it should be D:\
This will be the DVD disk. 

6.   Click start in the pop-up box.

7.  A new pop-up screen will appear.  YOU MAY NEED TO GIVE THIS A MOMENT for the computer to cycle through this step.  One or more boxes will appear in the pop-up screen, such as "Title 1," and "Title 2" etc.  

8.  Move the curser to the upper left of the title box that you want to edit.  

 9.  When you click the square in the title box, a check will appear.  Now click tab at the lower right, "Start Import."

10.  The import will begin.  It will take about 5 minutes, so now would be a good time to leave the computer and work on something else for a while.

11.  Once the import has completed, a new pop-up will appear.  Click "OK"

12.  The screen will change completely.  It is now time to move from the CAPTURE mode to the EDIT mode.  Do this by going to the tab "2 Edit"

13.  Once again, the screen will change significantly.  

Let's take a look at this screen.  At the upper left is a "TV Screen" of sorts that shows the video.   At the right there are icons that show a strip of film.  That is the video editor and for the simple editing of sermons, this is one of the two icons you will use.  The AB icon is used for mixing several videos together.  The T icon is the other section you will use for simple editing, enabling you to add texts.  The next icon is for graphics, filters, and audio.  All of these are helpful and useful, but for the simple sermon videos, you will stay with only two systems - video and text.  For the moment, don't do anything - just stay with the video section.  

At the bottom there are several tracks.  The top one should be filled with the video.  The rest of the tracks can help overlay music, sound effects, sound enhancements, etc, but you will stay with the top track for the video and the T track for the text (which will come later).  

Now back to work...

Look just below the TV Screen.  There is a bar with a pointer on top.  This is your "scrubber."  Using the curser and the right click button of the mouse, you can move the pointer of the scrubber and move quickly from one part of the video to the other. 

14.  What you want to do with the scrubber  is to move it to the point of the video at the point that you want YOUR video to begin, for example, the Children's Devotional or the Scripture Text or the sermon itself.  In the image below, you will see that the view on the TV Screen will either be Project or Clip.  Project means the WHOLE project.  You need to find the point at which you want to cut the project into two sections - a throw away and a keeper.  To find that perfect point you move the scrubber, and if necessary (and it almost will be) use the play button below the TV Screen to find the perfect place.

15.  Make sure you are working with the PROJECT and then click the scissors icon.  This will divide the Project into two CLIPS.

16.  You will easily see where the Project divides into two Clips.

17.  Move the curser to the first clip and push the delete button.  This will delete the entire first section of the service.

18.   You now have a project that starts not at the beginning of the service, but at the Children's Devotional, Scripture, or any part that you want to be the start of the video.

19.  Now you want to edit out the last part of the video you don't want to publish - perhaps you will want to end at the end of the sermon.

 20.  Again, you find this ending by moving the scrubber and perhaps playing the video.
 21.  Click the scissor icon at the moment in the video that you want to be the ending.
 22.  Once again, you have divided one Project into two clips.  Highlight the last part of the video that you want to delete.  Press delete button and you will now have only one project with no clips.

23.  Move the scrubber to the beginning of the video.

24. You are finished with the video.  Now you want to work with the Title Track.  To do this, go to the T icon.

25.  Grab the title style you want to use (the last on the first row is good and simple)

26.  Drag the style using your mouse pad to the Title track below the TV Screen.

27.   Using the mouse pad and left click button on the mouse, highlight the title track and expand the time of it by expanding it to 8 seconds.

28.  A temporary title will appear on the TV Screen.  Highlight the title.

29.  Type the information you want to appear on the title.  This might be
Chapel by the Sea
Fort Myers Beach, FL
Sunday's Date

30.  The title will be off center, so you will need to use your curser to grab and move to a center.

31.  Go to FILE a the upper left and let the drop down menu appear. Click SAVE AS

 A pop up will appear - type a name for the project.

33.  Having saved the project, go back to the FILE tab and drag down the menu to BATCH CONVERT.

 34.  A new pop up appears.

 35.  Click ADD at the top of the pop up.

36.  Highlight the name of the project you just saved and open.

37.  Click the arrow next to the  SAVE AS TYPE line and let the drop down menu appear. 

38.  Highlight MPEG 4 FILES.

39.  Click CONVERT

 40.  A progress bar will appear.  This will take some time, so you can leave the computer to do something else.

You have now completed the video editing.  Now you want find the file so you can upload it directly to YOUTUBE or copy it to a flashdrive so you can upload the file from a different computer.

To find the file:

First, open MY DOCUMENTS.  Highlight and open COREL VIDEOSTUDIO PRO

Second,  highlight and open COREL VIDEOSTUDIO PRO.

Third, open the file 13.0

Fourth, highlight the video you have created and converted into a MPEG 4 file. Copy and move it to your flash drive. 

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