Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jazzed Up Version of the Three Bears

Story for children, said in a sing song fashion.

Once upon a time
In a nursery rhymne
There were three bears - I say
Three bears!
They all went a walkin' in the green woods a talkin'
Along came a little girl
With long shiny golden hair
Her name was goldielocks!
Her name was Goldielocks!

Upon the door she knocked (Thump! Thump!P
But no one was there
No one was there!

She walked right in
Had herself a ball
A eatin' and a rockin' and a sleepin' and all!
She didn't care!
No one was there!
She didn't care!

H H H Home came the three bears!
T T T Tired from the woods!
Ready to sit down to some home-cooking I say home cooking!
"Someone's been eatin' my porridge,"
Said the papa bear
Said the mama bear.
"Hey mama chee bear,"
Said the little wee bear
"Someone has broken my chair!  I say they brok my chahir.

Well they went upstairs to see what they could find
Saw Goldielocks in bed asleep all the time!

She woke up
Broke up the party
And boogied on out of there, I say she boogied on hour.

"B B B B Bye," said the papa bear.
"B B B B Bye," said the mama bear.

"Hey mama chee bear," said the little wee bear.
"What kind of bear was that there," Huh?

And that is the story of the three bears!
I said three bears.
I said the three
I said the three
I said the three bears!

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