Friday, December 7, 2012

Tranquilizer - Game

Location: Indoors
Minutes 5-15
Activity level MEDIUM
Age levels Any
People 12-200
Supplies NONE

Start the game by standing and saying words to the effect of:
“The police called a few moments ago and told us that there was an escaped mental patient on the loose.  He took from the hospital a small amount of tranquilizer.  He has put this tranquilizer on his fingernail, so that when he goes up to someone and shakes a hand, he will touch your wrist and a moment or two later – but not immediately – you will collapse and fall into a deep, deep sleep.  When you think you know who the insane person with the tranquilizing fingernail is, yell out, “I have an accusation to make!” 

“We’ll stop and you can make your accusation.  If you are wrong, you join the others on the floor and go to sleep.  Now remember, this tranquilizer doesn’t work instantly, it has a delayed effect, which makes things even more mysterious! 

And the one who is insane, remember, the tranquilizer is on your fingernail.  So as you walk around and shake hands, remember to touch the other person’s wrist with the tranquilizer finger.”

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