Friday, December 7, 2012

Three on a Couch - Game

Location:  INDOOR
Minutes:  5-15
Formation  NONE
Activity Level LOW
People 10-25
Supplies CARDS, PENS

Instructions:  Pass out pen and paper to all of the participants and have them write their names at the top.  They are now to write a brief description of an amusing or unbelievable event that has happened to them.  For example, a person could write: The time I broke my thumb throwing caterpillars off a tree, or The time my car broke down at the bank's drive through window, or The time I played golf with George Bush.  These events must be true stories.  Have everyone fold his or her paper in half and collect them.  You will now look through the stories and pick one which you find interesting.  Then call three people up to the front to be on the couch if you don't have a couch, just pull three chairs in front of the group.  Make sure one of those three people is the one whose story you are using.  After you have read the description to the group, each of the three people on the couch take turns trying to convince the rest of the group that the event actually happened to him or her.  The group may ask the people on the couch questions.  The group then tries to guess who was telling the truth.  After the group votes and the truth is revealed, pick a new story with three new people and keep playing!

Leader's Hints:  We have found that note cards work well for participants to write their stories on.  Also, you might want to put a limit on the amount of time a person on the couch can tell his/her story.  Two minutes and no more then three questions per storyteller are our normal rules.  Make sure the three people you select to be on the couch don't mind being in front of everyone.  We have found after you play once, people are willing to sit on the couch when asked.  This is also a good game to get to know things about members of your group that you would not normally find out.

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