Friday, December 7, 2012


Location:  INDOOR
Minutes:  5-15
Formation  CIRCLE
Activity Level LOW
Age levels ANY
People 8-20
Supplies NONE

Instructions:  Have players sit in a circle.  Begin by teaching the following rhythm:

 Slap knees, clap hands your own, snap fingers, clap hands your own
on the count of 1-2-3-4

Have the group practice this rhythm multiple times until they are comfortable with it speed is NOT an issue.  Now teach the group the following words:

The Minister's cat is a blank cat 
The Minister's cat is a blank cat

Have the group practice saying this verse while they are clapping out the rhythm beginning with The when they slap their knees.  Go until you feel they are comfortable with the pace of the rhythm.

Using one letter of the alphabet, each person takes a turn filling in the blank with a word that starts with that letter of the alphabet and is descriptive but doesn't have to make sense.  For example, the letter we will use is S

            First person:  The minister's cat is a slippery cat
            Next person:  The minister's cat is a special cat
            Next person:  The minister's cat is a spooky cat

Keep going around the circle until you run out of words for that letter.  When the group is stuck, just pick a new letter of the alphabet and keep going.  If someone is stuck or messes up, just get the group to help them out and keep going.

Leader's Hints:  Teaching this game in stages is imperative for success!!  Continue playing until your group is brain dead or ready for a new game!

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