Friday, December 7, 2012


Location:  INDOOR
Minutes:  5-15
Formation  CIRCLE
Activity Level LOW
Age levels ANY
People 8-35

Instructions: Divide your players into groups of 4-10 people.  Each group member needs to have an old magazine.  This is basically a scavenger hunt using the magazines.  Have a list ready of items for the groups to find.  This can be easily adapted to any theme see Leader's Hints.  The leader calls out the word or image.  The groups search their magazines for a picture of the item, rip it out, and put it in the middle of their circle.  The leader keeps reading the list with little time between items so that the groups must try to keep up with finding the pictures.  For example, find a picture of summer, a picture of winter, of a family, of a large dog, etc.  When you have finished reading the list quickly, run through the list again so groups are able to find any missing pictures.

Leader's Hints:  After the initial game has been played, this can lead right into groups making a collage out of the pictures that they chose to rip out of the magazines.  If you are working with a theme, create your list of items that would enhance your theme for example, the theme for the retreat is Over the Rainbow so you might have a list that would have items such as rainstorm, rainbow, clouds, pot of gold, etc.

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