Friday, December 7, 2012


Location: INDOOR
Minutes 5-15
Formation CIRCLE
Activity level LOW
People 5-15
Supplies NONE

Instructions:  Have everyone sit in a circle and pick a person to be It.  It gets sent out of the room and the rest of the group picks an adverb.  It then comes back, stands in the middle of the circle, and tries to guess which adverb the group picked.  It can ask any question to anyone in the circle in order to try and figure out what the adverb is.  That person must answer the question in complete sentences in the manner of the adverb.  For example, It has left the room and the adverb chosen was loudly.  It comes back and asks a player What did you do today?  He or she answers by yelling, I walked the dog.  If the adverb was softly, the answer would be whispered.  If the adverb was obnoxiously, It would get an obnoxious answer.  The questions and answers continue until It guesses the adverb or gives up.

Leader's Hints:  You might want to have two people be It at the same time; that way one person isn't under as much pressure.  One of the ways we help explain the game to a younger crowd is to tell them an adverb is any word that ends in ly.  If you like this game, make sure you look up Coffee Pot and Identity. 

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