Friday, December 7, 2012


Location: INDOOR
Minutes 5-15
Formation CIRCLE
Activity level LOW
People 8-15
Supplies NONE

Instructions: Have everyone sit in a circle and pick one person to be it.  It leaves the room and as a group, the remaining players decide to adopt a new identity for the remainder of the round.  For example, the group could decide that they are all a car.  When it comes back into the room, and he or she tries to figure out the group's new identity.  The it does this by asking individual group members questions.  The group members, in the mindset of their new identities, answer the questions.  For example, it might ask, when you are feeling sad, how do you react?  The group member pretending to be a car might respond by saying, I don't have any get up and go.  It keeps asking questions until he or she correctly diagnoses the problem or gives up.  Other questions and answers using the above example could include:
Q: Where do you live?  A: I live in a garage.
Q: How big are you?  A: I can be all different types of makes and models.

Leader's Hints:  We recommend playing with two its; this keeps one person from being on the spot.  Choices for your group's identities are endless.  Some examples include: you think you are George Washington, a chair, driving a race car, that you are all a different object in the room, or that you are the it.  Options are limitless; just make sure you give hints when they are needed.  Don't leave a player stumped forever.  We found it helps to have the its start with one person and then work their way around the circle.  This helps make sure everyone has a chance to answer questions.  You might know this game as Psychologist, but during a discussion at the Annual Recreation Workshop we decided it would be best to play this game under a new name.  We realized that almost every group includes people who have real psychological concerns and as leaders we wouldn’t want to do anything to make participants feel uncomfortable.  If you enjoyed this game, make sure you check out Coffee Pot and in the Manner of the Adverb.

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