Friday, December 7, 2012


Minutes 5-15
Formation CIRCLE
Activity level MEDIUM
Age levels: ANY
People 8-20

Instructions:  Have players form a circle.  Have one person be the designated leader and give this leader 3 ragg balls geod balls or a combination.  To set up a pattern, begin with  just one ragg ball. The leader begins by calling out another person's name and tossing the ragg ball to him or her. Now, the person who caught the ball tosses the ragg ball to another group member, first calling out this person's name.  Continue calling and tossing the ragg ball until everyone has had the ball once and the last person calls out the leader's name and tosses it back to the leader.  Now have the group continue practicing their pattern calling out their person's name.  When the group has the pattern going pretty good, have the leader add another ragg ball into the mix and then a third. The group should be able to have three balls juggling at once. 

Leader's Hints:  If a ball is not caught, any player may pick the ball up and continue on with the pattern from his or her position.  For a real challenge, if you have more than one group, stop the tossing and have two groups join together by interspersing themselves amongst the other players so that there is one large circle.  Keeping their FORMER pattern, have the two groups juggle while in one large circle two patterns tossing at same time.  Gets crazy but fun add in all three ragg balls.

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