Friday, December 7, 2012


Location: Indoors
Minutes 15 PLUS
Formation NONE
Activity level LOW
People 10-20

Instructions:  Before dividing your players up into groups have each person think of a famous person - dead or alive, real or fictional some examples are Madonna, Tiger Woods, Moses, George Washington, Snoopy, etc.  When he or she has thought of a person, he or she comes to you and either whispers it in your ear you write it down on a pad of paper or he or she can write it on a slip of paper and bring it to you you will need to look at these as he or she bring them to you so that you can make sure there are no duplicates.  For the rest of the game NO ONE is allowed to tell his or her group member whom he or she thought of.  Once everyone has a name picked out, divide the players up into groups of 3-5 players.  Explain that you will read out the names on your list TWICE and they must memorize these names.  Be sure to read them in the same order both times!  The object of the game is to guess everyone's identity thus getting all players on your team.  Once read, one group begins by conferring with each other about whom to guess first.  They ask a member of another group if he or she is one of the names.  For example, they might ask, Lee, are you Superman?  Lee answers honestly - No and the next group gets to have a turn.  BUT, if Lee says, Yes, I am Superman, Lee physically moves to that group which correctly guessed his identity.  Now this group gets another guess yes, they get another, no, next group gets to guess.  Now that Lee has been guessed he actually can move from group to group any time a group asks him Lee, are you Superman?  This is why it is important for no member to tell their identity because group members move from team to team through the game.  The group that ends up with everyone on their side ends the game!

Leader's Hints:  Groups might want to divide up the list of names when the leader calls out the names first person remembering the first 4 names, second member next 4 names and so on.  Remind groups to pay attention to the other groups' guesses so that they don't waste a guess because they didn't hear another group ask the same person the same question.  The names should be ones that most everyone in the group will recognize and should be ones that other people would not necessarily associate with you.  For example, Lee would not want to choose Joe Gibbs as his person due to the fact that he is a huge Redskins fan but Beth might choose this name to throw other folks off the track!.

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