Friday, December 7, 2012


Location: Indoors
Minutes 5-15
Formation None
Activity level Medium
Age levels Any
People 8-200
Supplies Pre-cut items

Instructions: Have everyone in the room find a partner.  Each couple needs to pick up a cereal box front see Leader's Hints that matches.  Have each couple make sure that their two pieces fit together.  Instruct the group that when the music is playing they trade puzzle pieces with as many people as they can - trading continuously until the music stops.  Now instruct the group to shout out their type of cereal that they are holding in order to find their new partner.  Once all the members of the group have found their new partners, have them introduce themselves and exchange one piece of information with this partner for example, tell your partner your name and your favorite kind of cold cereal.  Put the music back on and have the group trade again.  Usually about 3 rounds of this game will have your group pretty well mixed up and ready to move onto another partner game or small group game.

Leader's Hints:  To make puzzle pieces, cut the entire front side off of a cereal box.  Then cut it into two pieces as if for a jigsaw puzzle.  You might want to laminate them as well if you have that capability.  Ask various groups church group, PTA/PTO, college students to save the fronts of their cereal boxes especially if you are looking for 100! for you.  Note that if you want more interaction you can cut your box front into 4 pieces per puzzle as long as each section of puzzle has something on it that clearly identifies what type of cereal it is.

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