Friday, December 7, 2012


Location: Indoors/Outdoors
Minutes 5-15
Formation Circle
Activity level Medium
Age levels Any
People 8-20
Supplies Ragg Balls

Instructions:  Have your group make a circle and establish one person to be the leader.  This person begins by calling out another person's name and tossing the ragg ball to him or her. Now, the person who caught the ball tosses the ragg ball to another group member, first calling out this person's name.  Continue calling and tossing the ragg ball until everyone has had the ball once and the last person calls out the leader's name and tosses it back to the leader.  Repeat the game using the SAME pattern just established.  Always call out the other person's name first and then toss the ball.

Leader's Hints:  Be sure your group introduces themselves to each other before playing this game or wears nametags.  If you have the players raise their hands over their heads to begin with except the leader then lower their arms to catch the ball, you can see quickly who has not had the ball yet.  Only do this to get the pattern set up.  This is a great name game because you only have to remember one name, but you hear lots of names!  This is a great first step to lead into playing Group Juggling and Timed Call Ball.

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