Thursday, December 2, 1999

How to Prepare a Weekly Announcement Loop for Worship

a.     The template can be the announcement loop from the previous week.
b.     Announcements should include events for the coming 4 weeks.  Event announcements should include event name, date, time and place – if there is a price, include that.  Other detail is helpful.
c.     Photos of previous events should run for two Sundays, and then be deleted.
d.     To prepare announcement slides, use the information from the Weekly Announcements and online calendar – the printed material should be abbreviated!
e.     Photos for recent events can come from Facebook albums.  Simply copy and paste from Facebook.  To copy and paste, go to the photo on Facebook you want to include on the announcement slide. Right click and copy.  The go to Power Point and past (control V). 
f.      Check and adjust each slide for timing (4 to 8 seconds is the norm).
g.     Each transition should be the same style – minimize creativity so to avoid obnoxious or distracting slides. (use “shape diamond”)
h.     Because of the lighting of the sanctuary, Beyond Audio (a vendor for audio and visual needs) has suggested blue background and yellow font.  Avoid white background with black font.
i.      Each announcement loop should be limited to no more than 3 minutes before it reloops.

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