Thursday, December 2, 1999

How to Enter Attendance on ACS Database System


It is important to use the Friendship Register Books to record attendance on the ACS system. 
  1. It provides us with a way of determining when to follow up on people who have missed a few Sundays so we can follow up on pastoral care issues.
  2. It provides us with a way of knowing who should be placed on the Inactive Member’s roll.
  3. It provides us with a way of knowing who our new regular visitors are.

Steps to record attendance:

  1. Open ACS People Suite.
  2. At the Main Menu Screen, click the button in the far left column under Attendance marked ENTER/POST ATTENDANCE.
  3. At the Mark Attendance Screen, go to the upper left and there is a drop-down menu.  Select “CTBS Services.”
  4. At the upper right, there is another drop-down menu, “Posting Date.”  This will probably appear as this day’s date.  Change it to the Sunday’s date you wish to post.
  5. To mark someone as present on a Sunday, find the name of the individual on the Mark Attendance Screen and DOUBLE CLICK the name until the letter next to the name changes from A to P.  (A stands for absent, P stands for present).
  6. VERY IMPORTANT LAST STEP – when you have entered all the information be sure to click POST at the bottom of the Mark Attendance Screen (you can actually do this several times during the process as a way of saving the data).

It is suggested that first time visitors be added first.

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