Friday, December 7, 2012


Minutes 5-15
Formation CIRCLE
Activity level MEDIUM
Age levels: ANY
People 8-12
Supplies HOSE

Instructions:  Have everyone stand in a circle and give each participant one hose don't forget to go over hose safety issues.  Instruct the participants to grab one end of his or her hose with his or her right hand, letting the hose hang down.  Then have everyone put both hands in the middle of the circle.  With his or her left hand, he or she needs to grab the end of someone else's hose.  He or she cannot grab the person's hose that is immediately to his or her right or left, nor can two people grab each other's hose.  Once everyone is connected, the group tries to unknot themselves and get back into a circle without dropping or letting go of any hose.  Some knots are unable to be unwound back to one big circle, and the group might finish in a figure eight formation or two mutually exclusive circles. 

Leader's Hints:  We like playing this game with hose instead of just holding hands, because it keeps the participants personal space from being totally invaded.  Adding the hose also lets young and old work together to untangle the knot. Human hose knot is an activity that will make everyone get up close and personal.  Make sure your group is ready for this type of game!

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