Friday, December 7, 2012


Location: INDOOR
Minutes BELOW 5
Formation NONE
Activity level MEDIUM
Age levels: ANY
People 10-100
Supplies NONE

Instructions:  Have your players partner up.  Ask each twosome to come up with a word that goes together - a compound word or two words that naturally go together.  For example, football, ice cream, tree house, or earring.  Once each couple has their word, have the twosome split their word so that each person is one half of the word you be ice and I'll be cream.  Ask the group to send one person to one side or end of the space and the other partner to go to the opposite side or end.  Face away from each other, close eyes, put hands out in front and then have the group slowly turn around and with their eyes closed, walk forward shouting out their OWN word.  Keep shouting and walking until each person finds his or her partner.  Open eyes and scoot to the side of the room to let the rest of the group find their partners.

Leader's Hints:  When the group have spilt up and are at opposite ends of the space, have the group face away from each other, close their eyes and shuffle themselves around so that they do not know where their partners are located at the opposite end.  Now continue the game as directed above.

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