Monday, October 1, 2012

Prayer for Peace when war threatens

O God,
Who sent His Son, the Prince of Peace, into this world to teach us love one another:
Bring peace to this troubled and violent world.
We long for that day when nations will beat swords into plowshares
When we will no longer live under the threat of terrorism and war.

Grant to the President of the United States,
and to all in authority in this and in all nations,
courage to work for peace,
wisdom to seek solutions to our current strife,
and strength to do your will.

When rumors of war become reality
Protect and defend those in our military,
That those who guard our freedom and lives may be guarded by your good Spirit.
Bless their families, especially in these days when men and women are being called to active duty and sent far from their homes,
That their husbands and wives, parents and children may be comforted by the presence of your Holy Spirit.

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