Friday, December 7, 2012

Up Jenkins - Game

Location:  INDOOR
Minutes:  5-15
Formation  NONE
Activity Level LOW
People 6-20

Instructions:  This game works best around a long table.  Have half of the group sit on one side of the table with the other half opposite of them.  Group A begins by taking the quarter and passing it from hand to hand under the table so that Group B cannot see who has the coin.  The passers should keep their arms moving back and forth to try and fake the other group out.  At any time Group B can call out Up Jenkins.  Group A passing the coin makes fists with their hands and raises their arms so that their elbows are on the table and fists are in the air.  Group B calls out Down Jenkins.  Group A slaps their hands down on the table trying to cover the sound of the coin.  Group B now confer and decide which hand they think the coin is underneath.  They ask the person belonging to that hand to turn his or her hand over.  If the quarter is there - count the remaining hands on the table and that becomes the score for Group A with the coin.  Now it is Group B's turn.  But if the first guess is wrong, Group B keeps guessing until they find the coin.  However many hands are left on the table when the coin is discovered is Group A's score.  LOW score wins.  Pass the quarter to Group B and they take a turn.

Leader's Hints:  Use either a quarter or a nickel dime or penny is too small.  It is good to have each group practice a time or two the passing under the table as well as the Up and Down Jenkins part.

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