Friday, December 7, 2012


Minutes:  5-15
Formation  LINES
Activity Level LOW
People 10-20
Supplies NONE

Instructions:  Divide your players into groups of 5-10 people each.  Each group decides on what type of store they will be grocery, pet, superstore, sporting goods, etc..  Every person in the group chooses a different item that you would find in that store.  For example, if the group picked pet store, group members could be a fish, cage, food, biscuit, cat, gravel, litter, etc.  Once the groups are ready, they sit facing the opposite group.   Group A goes first.  On the count of 3, they say their items in unison.  Group B now gets a chance to guess the type of store.  If Group B does not guess correctly, then they get to tell Group A how to say the items the second time: shout, normal or whisper.  Group B guesses again - if they still are wrong, they get one last chance.  Group B makes their request of what type of voice for Group A to use, and Group A says their items one last time.  When Group B guesses correctly, then it is Group B's turn to be the store.  If Group B has not guessed correctly after 3 times, then Group A can tell them what kind of store they were OR save that store for a future game!

Leader's Hints:  Tell the groups that they must pick a TYPE of store and not use a name brand for example, bookstore versus Barnes and Noble or Supercenter versus Wal-Mart.  When the group is ready to say their items in unison, the FIRST time they get to choose what voice to use shout, normal, or whisper.  Thereafter, the group guessing makes the choice.  When the groups are saying their items, make sure the group is all facing the same direction, and do not allow anyone to cover his or her mouth, or say his or her item in a way to give the group an unfair advantage. One hint is that all the items a group chooses should be the same number of syllables, making it harder to hear the individual items.  You can add incentive to being the first group ready to play by saying that the first group back into their seats and ready is the group that gets to go first!

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