Friday, December 7, 2012


Location:  INDOOR
Minutes:  5-15
Formation  CIRCLE
Activity Level MEDIUM
Age levels ANY
People 6-15

Instructions:  Have the players sit in a circle fairly close together.  Give one person in the circle an inflated balloon and have the group pass the balloon around the circle, being sure that it gets passed directly around the circle hand to hand.  Keep passing the balloon and start the music, letting the group members pass the balloon around - pause the music and ask whoever has the balloon to hold onto it.  The person who gets caught with the balloon waves the balloon over his or her head and then passes it on.  The catch is that from here on out, every time the balloon comes to this person, he or she waves it over his or her head before passing it on.  Pause the music again - now you will have two people waving the balloon over their heads - continue playing.  If and when the music stops and someone is caught with the balloon for a second, third, fourth or fifth time, add the following action for each time:

2nd - pass the balloon under one leg
3rd - pass the balloon under the other leg
4th - pass the balloon around the waist
5th - stand up and sit down

These actions are accumulative.  For example, a person caught 3 times must first wave the balloon over head, then pass the balloon under one leg and then the under the other BEFORE passing the balloon to the next person.

After someone gets caught five times, it's probably time to switch to a new game!

Leader's Hints:  This game can be played in any number of settings.  You could play it in an auditorium - multiple balloons all over the room - pass them anywhere.  When the music stops have that person introduce himself or herself to a neighbor instead of waving the balloon over his or her head.  You can pass other things besides a balloon, for example soft ragg balls, tube socks, Frisbees, etc.

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