Thursday, December 6, 2012

Interview Questions With Job Applicants

In interviewing prospective employees for your church, what are good questions to ask?  What are some of the questions you want to avoid?

Good Questions:

Tell me about yourself.
Is there something about this position that appeals to you. 
Tell us about your faith and Christian experience.  What do you believe about ....
What do you think it would be like to work for a church? (You are looking for indications that a person has a "pie in the sky" feeling about how wonderful working in a church might be, or how realistic it would be).
What experiences do you have in working with volunteers?

Questions to Avoid:
Why would a person your age want this job?
Does that hearing aid give you trouble?
What will you do with your children?
When will you retire?
Are you married?
Are you pregnant or planning to get pregnant?
How many days did you miss last year because you were sick?
How many years have you lived in the United States?  Do you have family in Mexico?

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