Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gospel Magic - Make the Right Choice

A common Magic trick is to force a volunteer to choose the "right card" from a number of different cards. This trick can be used to make sure a child makes the "right choice" from a number of options represented by different cards.

This lesson is very versatile and you can use it for all sorts of themes.

For example: 

"How can we get to heaven?"
Preparation:  Prepare a number of cards - 7, 8, 10, whatever.  But be sure the number is manageable.  One card has to have the right answer for the question, and in this case the answer is Jesus.

The other cards have common, but not quite right answers  - Prayer, Reading the Bible, Going to Church, Doing good in Math, etc.

The cards need to be identical in size.  On one side write the answer choices, on the other put a question mark, with each mark being exactly identical - except for one.  Make the dot closer to the symbol, or the curl slightly different.

Chose your first volunteer to come and stick each card - question mark to the outside - on a board. Ensure that he/she does not let either you or the rest of the group see what is written on the back of each card. They have complete freedom to stick each card wherever they like, provided that they end up with two columns of four cards each. By looking at the question marks, you will know which is the "Jesus" card.

Explain the purpose of the lesson, and get a second volunteer to come and make what you say you hope will be the right choice. Force him/her to make the right choice as described below. This is a very simple technique, but still seems to baffle the vast majority of people.

Suppose, for example, that the "Jesus" card is in the first column. Ask your volunteer to point to either the first or the second column. If they point to the first, say "Fine, that is your choice, so let us now look at the four cards you have rejected in the second column." As you turn over each of these four cards, explain why they are wrong choices. If your volunteer points to the second column, say "Fine, you have rejected these four cards in the second column", and proceed as before.

You are now left with the four cards in the first column. Ask your volunteer to point to any two of the cards. If the "Jesus" card is one of those chosen, say. "These are the cards you have chosen, let's look at the two you have rejected." Obviously, if they don't point to the "Jesus" card, say " The two you have pointed to are the ones you have rejected --------. " I think you will have got the idea by now, ensuring that your volunteer ends by choosing "Jesus."

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