Friday, December 7, 2012


Location: Indoors
Minutes 5-15
Formation NONE
Activity level Low
Age levels: Youth-adult, older, intergenerational
People 6-20
Supplies Instructions:  Have everyone stand in a circle and explain that your group is going to count down from however many participants to zero.  For example, say there are 12 people playing: once you say, Go!, one person in the group would say 12, and another person in the group would then say 11, and so on until the last person says 1.  The catch is that there can be no preplanning amongst group members as to who says a number when, and two people standing next to each other are not allowed to go in sequence.  The count down starts over, if two players speak at the same time, players standing next to each other go in squence, or if someone uses body langue to sugguest who goes next.  The goal of the group is to successfully count down to zero.

Leader's Hints:  This is a good in between game when you need to fill a couple of minutes.  You can also have the players slowly start crouching down as the count down progresses and then blast off jump into the air when the count down is complete!

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