Friday, December 7, 2012


Location: Indoors
Minutes 5-15
Formation Circle
Activity level Low
Age levels: Youth-adult, older, intergenerational
People 5-15

Instructions:  Have everyone sit in a circle and pick a person to be It.  It gets sent out of the room and the rest of the group picks an action verb for example, run.  It then comes back, stands in the middle of the circle and tries to guess which action verb the group picked.  It can ask anyone a question in order to figure out what the action verb is.  The questions must be answered truthfully, in complete sentences, and using the action verb in the answer.  The catch is instead of using the action verb, the word coffee pot is substituted for the verb.  For example, It has left the room and the action verb chosen was run.  It comes back and asks a player where do you normally coffee pot?  The answer given is I normally coffee pot outside.  The questions and answers continue until It guesses the verb or gives up.

Leader's Hints:  You might want to have two people be It at the same time.  This reduces the pressure for the It.  Also, we find it helps to give a couple of example questions.  Have you coffee potted today?  Where did you coffee pot today?  Do I need any coffee potting supplies?  If so, in what section of Wal-Mart would I find them?  Is coffee potting a sport?  To make sure everyone gets involved in the game be sure that no one person answers more than one question until everyone has answered at least one.  If you enjoy this game, look up In the Manner of the Adverb and Identity.

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