Friday, December 7, 2012


Location: Indoors
Minutes 5-15
Formation Circle
Activity level Low
Age levels: Any
People 15-50
Supplies Hose, chairs

Instructions:  Have all of the participants sit down in a circle, and number off 1,2,1,2 all the way around the circle.  You must have an even number to play this game.  Have all of the 1's raise their hands.  Make sure every other person has his or her hand raised.  They can lower their hands now.  Then have all of the 2's do the same, again making sure every other person has his or her hand raised.  Introduce the chicken rag ball and the grasshopper Frisbee to the group.  Give a member of Group 1 the chicken and have the group pass it around the circle one time, only passing the chicken to members of Group 1.  Next, about 4 people away from the chicken give the grasshopper to a member of Group 2, and have them take a practice lap.  Explain that the object of the game is for the chicken to catch the grasshopper.  The objects must be passed not thrown around the circle.  The group with the chicken tries to catch the grasshopper.  The grasshopper escapes if the grasshopper is passed around the circle 3 times.  One other rule is that the groups can't interfere with the passing of the objects.  After you have played a couple of rounds, have the groups switch roles. 

Leader's Hints: Encourage the groups to cheer on their chicken or grasshopper; cheering helps make this game!  This game is great fun when played in the dark with glow in the dark objects, for example using two different colored glow sticks or other glow in the dark objects.

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