Friday, December 7, 2012

Around the Church and Community Scavenger Hunt

This is a scavenger hunt with a purpose - to invite people to a church that likes to have fun.  At the end of each encounter with someone in the community, one member of the group will leave a gift with a person and an invitation to join the church in worship.  The gift is a bag of microwavable popcorn with the label, "Pop in and see us sometime.  Community Church - where we believe in glorifying AND enjoying God!" Include web address, times of worship, address, and the name and phone number of the pastor.  

·      Fill out the Team Card in your bag and turn in before leaving. Include:
o   Team name
o   Name of each member of the team
o   The cell phone number you will be using when you call in

·      Each team member contributes $5.00 to the common $$$$ bag. This money will be used for all purchases. Put one team member in charge of the cash. Bring back the change.

·      It’s best to start your explanation with: “Hi, we’re on a Scavenger Hunt with our Church Group, could you/would you….”   Including non-members in your search is a great outreach! Give each person you encounter a Thank you card (provided.) Put one team member in charge of this task.

·      Each team must stay together at all times. No splitting up!

·      You may travel within a 5-mile radius of the church.

·      Team member's homes are OFF LIMITS.

·      A “stranger” is defined as a person no one on your team knows.

·      Each task must be done with a different person/stranger--you can't do 2 things at one person's house or with one person.

·      You have one-and-a-half hours to complete as many tasks as you can. Notice some have higher point values than others.

·      Call in when your team is “on the way back”. It must be within the hour-and-a-half time limit. No more gathering of points after that phone call.

Then return to see the photos, tally the points, and eat!

10 Points:

This one is required: 
Have all your team members stand by our church’s sign
·      Take a picture.

 Find a stranger who can recite John 3:16.   
·      Get his/her signature.

Find a stranger who knows who built the Ark.
·      Get his/her signature.

Find a stranger who knows who parted the Red Sea.
·      Get his/her signature.

Find a stranger and ask them who was born first - Moses or Noah.
(Bonus 5 points if they get it right. )
·      Get his/her signature.

Call a minister (not one from our church)
·      Thank him/her (in unison) for all his hard work.
              (If not home, leave a message.)

Go to the home of a church member.
·      Knock on the door and sing a religious Christmas Carol!
·      Have them call the phone number on your card to verify.
·      Remember: can not do two tasks with one person, or at one house

Find a child under the age of 12, that no one on your team knows, who can sing "Jesus Loves Me".  
·      Fill in the child’s first name on the certificate provided
·      Take a photo of the team awarding the certificate.

Find a police officer.
·      Thank him/her.
·      Wish him God’s blessings.
·      Get his signature.

Go to a Deacon or Elder’s house.
·      Thank him/her for all they do.
·      Have them call the phone number on your card to verify.
·      Remember: can not do two tasks with one person, or at one house

Have the whole team sing “Happy Birthday” to a stranger.
(5 extra points if it's really their birthday!)
·      Get his/her signature.

Everyone on the team put on someone else's shoes and
·      Walk down the aisle of a store singing “Onward Christian Soldiers.”

Find a stranger who is over 70.
·      Everyone give him/her a hug.
·      Get his/her signature.

Find a retired teacher with a Bible.
If they can find the Ten Commandments in less than a minute, you get an extra 5 pts.

20 points
Solve the Bible verse:             53787     9378.   
·      Use your cell phone key pad, substituting letters for the numbers.
·      Today we would give Him a     _i_s_e       (Fill in the blanks for this part of the clue)
·      Bring one of these back with you when you return.

Go to any fast food restaurant:
·      Purchase some French fries
·      Spell out 'We Are Thankful' with the French fries.
·      Take a picture of the message with at least one team member's face looking very proud.

Solve the verse:    "I ma eth tglih fo het rdwol"
·      Find a used bbtlhuigl
·      Have the team quote the verse while everyone is touching it.
·      Bring it with you when you return.

Go to the high school and make snow angels in the grass.
·      Find a stranger to sign as witness.

Find a nurse or doctor.
·      Ask them if they know who the Great Physician is.
·      Bring back their business card.

Go into a store:
·      Every team member separately purchases an item costing less than a dollar (not candy, but something we can put in the Operation Christmas Child boxes).
·      Each team member should thank a different cashier and/or bag boy for all his/her hard work and give them a Thank you card provided.
·      Bring back a separate receipt for each team member.

The whole team plays Frisbee in a stranger's front yard.
·      Bonus 10 points if the homeowner plays with you.
·      Give the homeowner the Frisbee.

30 Points:
Locate the following outfit (new tags attached):
·      a brown hat,
·      a shirt with something biblical on it, and
·      blue striped pants.
 Take a picture of this completely random outfit being modeled by one of your team members.
Be sure to put the items back where you found them.

Pharoah did not listen when Moses said, “Let my people go.”
·      Catch a live, common lizard
·      Bring it back in the container provided.
·      We’ll let it go.
·      A purchased one from a pet store will not count.

Go to a park and act out a short biblical melodrama (starring everyone on your team) for a group of at least 3 people.
·      Have them phone in together -“We saw them do it  to verify.

Bring back one of the objects mentioned in this verse in Jeremiah: 
eht  DOLR ehoswd em wot teksabs fo gifs cladep ni noftr fo eht pemtel fo eth ROLD.

Go to the grocery store
·      Find 4 different items with the word “Angel” on the label.
·      Take a picture of your driver with all 4 items. Labels must be readable. 
·      Be sure to put them back the way you found them.

Complete this verse in Deuteronomy, filling in the blanks with letters:
Ma_    d_e_    n_t     _i_e     _n     _r_a_     a_o_e     _u_     o_     e_e_y      w_r_      t_a_     c_m_s      _r_m      _h_      m_u_h      _f   _h_      L_r_.

·      Find a stranger leaving a store who has the item mentioned in this verse in their shopping bag.
·      Get his/her signature.

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