Friday, October 12, 2012

Detailed Instructions On Editing Announcement Loop Power Point

For the weekly announcement loop, open last week's power point announcement.

You will:
1.  Open the Power Point.
2.  Save it under a new name.
3.  Delete the slides you no longer need.
4.  Add new slides.
5.  Edit all slides - sometimes a date may change and a slide needs to be revised.

The screen will look something like this:

STEP 1.  Save immediately with a NEW NAME.  The name should be this coming Sunday's date.

STEP 2.   Find the slides you want to delete.  To delete, highlight the slide on the left column.

Step 3:  With the appropriate slide highlighted, press the delete button. Do this to all of the slides that need to be deleted.

After deleting slides that are no longer useful, you will now add new slides.

Step 1 to adding slides is to insert a new slide.  Go to the top menu bar and click INSERT

Step 2:  From INSERT, open the drop down menu and highlight NEW SLIDE

 STEP 3  When you insert the new slide, it will appear like this:

Step 4:  You will want to delete the Text Box that covers most of the slide.  Move your curser until it meets the edging of the box.  Click and press delete.  

 Step 4:  The slide should now look like this:

Step 5:  Move the curser to the top Text Box and the wording "Click to add title" and the slide will look like this:

 Step 5:  With the curser in the Text Box, type the new caption there.

Step 6:  Since the font is black, you will need to change it to yellow.  With the curser still in the Text Box, press Control A (which will select all of the text in the Text Box).  


Step 7, because the font in the Text Box is black, you will need to change it to yellow.  Go to the upper right and press the color icon (it is the letter A) with a color underline.  Click and let the drop down menu appear so you can click yellow.

Step 8:  The selected portion will change to yellow - BUT it won't look yellow because the text is still highlighted.

Step 9:  Move the curser somewhere and click, and now the text will appear in its proper color, as seen below:

Step 10 - now you need to add an image to the slide.  It might be a piece of clip art.  Or it might be a photo.  Let's assume that your image is saved on your computer on the MY DOCUMENTS folder.  Click the START at the extreme bottom left of the computer screen.

Step 11:  Click MY DOCUMENTS (or pictures, or whatever the folder is where your image has been saved).  Find the image and highlight it.  Move the image from the folder to the Power Point screen by taking the curser, right clicking the image on My Documents, keep the right click pressed, and drag the image over to the the Power Point, and release. The image should now appear on the Power Point Screen.

Step 12:  The image will probably be too big and off centered.  You need to fix these issues. 

 Step 13:  Let's tackle the size first.  Move the curser over the picture and click the mouse so that a pop up screen appears.

Step 14:  Now highlight and click FORMAT PICTURE on this pop up screen.

Step 15:  A new pop up screen will appear.

 Step 16:  Go to the top menu bar on the pop up screen and click the SIZE tab.

Step 17:  To resize the picture, go to either HEIGHT or WIDTH and begin to change the size of the image.  There is some guess work here. 

Step 18:  Press OK.  Because there is guess work here, you might have to repeat for a different size.

 Step 19:  Having resized the image, you must now center the photo.  Take the curser and move it on top of the photo.  Click and hold the mouse button, and drag the image.


Step 20:  Release the mouse button.


 You can now proof read all of the images.  

A few more things to check:

1.  The timing for each slide.  Five seconds is a good length.  Some slides need 8 or 10 seconds.

2.  Check to make sure the slide show on the announcements is set for automatic (unlike the hymns and scripture power point that needs to be set on manual)

3.  Save and transfer to the Media Center computer.

To check on the timing of the slides...
First go to the top menu bar and click SLIDE SHOW.


In the drop down menu under SLIDE SHOW highlight SLIDE TRANSITION and click.

This will open up a side bar on the right.  Where it says ADVANCE SLIDES there are two options.  One is "on mouse click" and ou will use that only if someone is going to sit at the computer and advance the slides manually.  For announcements, you will want to set a timer.  Five to eight seconds is appropriate.  For a simple picture you can have the slide shown for 5 fine.  If there is a lot of writing, 8 seconds is better.  You can click "Apply to All Slides" but if you don't click that option, the timing will apply ONLY to this slide that is shown - which is fine if you want to adjust only the one slide.

For announcements, you will want the slide show to show over and over on an endless loop. 
Go to the top menu bar and click SET UP SHOW. 

A new  pop up box will appear.   In the section, SHOW OPTIONS one of the choices is LOOP CONTINUOUSLY UNTIL ESC.  Select that so that there is a check in the box.  Save your work!

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