Tuesday, December 8, 1992

Kitchen Clean Up Check List

Clean Up / Restoration Check List



o   Wash all dishes


o   Return all items to proper location (dishes, equipment, unused paper

products).    Maintain order on shelves and in all drawers and cabinets.


o   Wipe all counters with sanitized wiping cloths.


o   Clean spills from all cabinets – inside and outside.


o   Clean all equipment (carts, stove, ovens, microwave, freezer, ice

machine, coffee maker, cash register, etc.).


o   Clean eating area (gym, lunchroom, etc.):  garbage, spills.


o   Drain and clean out automatic dishwasher if used.


o   Turn off sprayer faucet on automatic dishwasher sink.


o   Clean and dry all sinks.


o   Wipe all splatter from walls behind sinks, prep table, and grill.


o   Lay out all wet towels over drying rack in paper pantry.


o   Take garbage & boxes out to dumpster.


o   Confirm that all pilot lights are lit on stove. Turn off hood fan & lights.


o   Close serving window.


o   Left-Overs: 3 Choices

·         Take them with you.

·         Place them in storage with current date, your name, and date you intend to use again.

·         Place them in storage with current date and designated as “open”  (anyone’s use).


o   Take any personal items left behind to the lost & found closet.


o   Final walk through – Have you forgotten anything?


o   Initial and date this check list.



Initials of Person Responsible:  _________    Date:  _________________

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