Friday, December 7, 2012


Location:  INDOOR
Minutes:  5-15
Formation  NONE
Activity Level LOW
People 6-12
Supplies NONE

Instructions:  Have your group form a circle.  Ask them to close their eyes and they will keep their eyes closed for the remainder of this activity.  Now, go around the circle and randomly whisper a number in every player's ear.  For example, if you have 9 people in the circle, you will be whispering numbers 1-9 to the players - just not in order to confuse people.  Now tell the group that they need to communicate NONVERBALLY no sounds whatsoever from their mouths and place themselves so that they are in numerical order from 1 through 9.  Don't say anything else to them.

Leader's Hints:  Be sure that there are no obstructions around your space that people might trip over.  Blindfolds can be used but we have found that people are pretty good with just closing their eyes.  There is a multitude of ways that people will try to communicate - some will draw his or her number on another player's back or on his or her hand, some people will clap out his or her number, some will stamp, some will hold out the number of fingers for the other person to feel.  As long as they aren't talking, let them have at it.  This is a great game to open up a discussion about how people communicate with one another.

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