Friday, December 7, 2012


Location: Indoors
Minutes 5-15
Formation CIRCLE
Activity level Low
Age levels: ANY
People 8-20
Supplies NONE

Instructions:  Bring your group together and pick one person to be the detective, who then leaves the room.  After that person has left pick someone else to be the robber, and call the detective back into the room.  It is the detective's job to solve the case and figure out who the robber is.  The detective does this by asking yes or no questions which the group must answer truthfully.  The questions continue until the detective has figured out who the robber was.  After the case is solved, the robber goes out of the room and becomes the new detective and the game continues with a new robber. 

Leader's Hints:  Good questions to ask include, is the robber male, is the robber wearing a hat, does the robber's first name start with an A, and whatever else the detective can think of.  This game also works well on bus trips.  Just have the detective close their eyes, and you can point to the robber. 


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