Friday, December 7, 2012


Location: Indoors
Minutes 5-15
Formation Scattered
Activity level Low
Age levels youth-Adult, Older
People 8-35
Supplies Famous names on small strips of paper, shoebox or hat    

Instructions: In this guessing game, you will need to have lots of preprinted famous names on small slips of paper, cut out, and folded over - drop them into a shoebox, a hat, bowl, or whatever is handy!  You can tailor make these names according to your audience older adults might recognize actors from the 40's whereas you might not.  Have a volunteer come to the front of the room and pick a name out of the box.  This person reads the name to him or herself and then begins to describe this person.  For example, if the name Elvis Presley is picked, he or she might say, this singer was born in Mississippi, started out as a gospel singer, died of an overdose, buried in Memphis, TN.  As soon as anyone recognizes the famous person being described, he or she can call out the name - wrong guess - just keep guessing!  The first person to correctly guess the famous person comes up front, he or she chooses a slip of paper, and game continues.

Leader's Hints:  If someone in the group is very good at guessing and has already had a turn up front, have this person choose someone else in the group who has not had a turn up front yet.

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